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Praise for Hazard Night

"Vaughan slowly and ominously unpicks the rotten core of Cleeve, a place where 'female rage had little currency' and where privilege ends up being no protection. Atmospheric and sinister." Guardian

"A delctable slice of dark acedemia, dripping with irony." The Times Crime Club

"Cleverly written and thoroughly enjoyable." Belfast Telegraph


Praise for Let's Pretend

"As in early Martin Amis, the depravity and exuberant wit cannot quite silence 'the still, sad music of humanity'. It's an award-winning performance." The Times 

"The ultimate twist is both sad and shocking in its credibility." Literary Review

"You can't help but be captivated." Belfast Telegraph


Praise for The Favour

Irish Times pick for Best Crime Fiction of 2021

"A treat ... excellent insights ... elegant prose." Daily Mail

"With a frisson of uneasiness throughout, this intensely captivating thriller will cast its spell, leaving you on the edge with unexpected twists." Heat Magazine

"Devious and manipulative, she pulls the reader through this tale of gilded youth misbehaving and paying the price. The tension comes not so much from whether the truth about the crime will emerge as from whether or not Ada will ultimately get what she wants or the punishment she so richly deserves." Literary Review

"Riveting ... an enormously engrossing, satisfying book - darkly funny, sharply ironic, keenly observed and elegantly written." Western Mail

"A gripping plot, fascinating characters and a glorious backdrop ... a hugely ambitious debut that delivers handsomely on its promise." Irish Times

"Ambition, lust, family secrets and lashings of Italian art - what could go wrong? A compulsive story, written with steely intelligence and wicked prose, that should propel the author into the bestseller lists."

Elizabeth Buchan


"Absorbing, intelligent and atmospheric with a razor-sharp twist. Genius."

Elizabeth Haynes

"Intelligent, elegant and immersive ... I found myself absorbed by a complex narrator who made me feel both empathy and horror." Claire Kendal

"This is a book that will keep you wonderfully off-balance; it feels as if you are being trusted with an unsettling and dangerous secret ... [Vaughan] writes with understated eloquence, slowly allowing the intrigue and tension to build ... A well-written and rewarding read, The Favour slips into shadowy thoughts and finds the darkness that dwells there."

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